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The Tale of the Two Timing Betty: A Cautionary Tale [Jan. 17th, 2006|07:51 am]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

One weekend Fuzzy Biscuits hosted a lavish party at his pimp mansion. In fact a select group of invitees were currently gathered in his grand ballroom. One of his guests happened to remark, “My those ruby red high heels sure are striking. Is there a reason why you have them nailed to the wall of your ballroom Big Daddy Biscuit?”

The Biscuit grinned magnanimously over his sifter of Cristal, “Why I am glad you brought up that topic my kind guest. There happens to be an excellent cautionary tale behind this particular display. Everybody gather round. It be story time.” And so the guests all gathered round in breathless anticipation, awaiting the next chapter from the legend of Fuzzy Biscuits.

“Dearly gathered audience, if any of you are easily excited, easily offended, or currently have a heart condition then I recommend you get outta my house now.” Not a soul stirred. And this is how that story went…

A long time ago during the Biscuits youthful exploits he happened to be dating a particular dame who fancied herself high class. She went by the name of Jenna James. Now Jenna came from the right kind of family to consider herself upper crust, but truth be told her family fortunes had long since eroded. Naturally she was attracted to the wealth and power of the Biscuit in addition to his considerable manly charms.

And so after a fashion the two began to date. And as usual the Biscuit treated her as he was wont to do with all his high class mistresses. He pampered her with luxury, clothed her in the latest fashions from Milan, and put her up in a conveniently accessible hotel room at the Ritz. For a time all went well with the Biscuit and his dame.

But as you might expect dear audience that all changed rather quickly. One day the Biscuit was talking to one of his homies when he found out a rather distressing fact.

“Yo Biscuit, you know that dame Jenna? Well the other day I saw her riding in a car with this dirty Mexican worker. Name of Juan Gonglongdong. He’s broke as a joke but he’s pretty popular with the ladies on account of his big feet if you knows what I mean. Well I know she’s your dame cos she been with you a lot lately so I decided to check it out…” He paused hesitantly and gulped.

The Biscuit lifted his eyebrows expressively as he puffed a big fat O ring on his expensive Cuban cigar. “Do go on homie. I always reward those faithful to the Biscuit.”

The homie continued his story, “Well I followed them for a bit and they pulled up at this abandoned warehouse. I’m thinking if it smells like fish and flops around like a fish it’s probably a fish right? So a bits later I snuck in after thems to see what the stink was about. And what do I see but there he is Juan Gonglongdong himself giving her the business with her ruby heels spread to the sky and her calling out to god in the most nonreligious sorta way.”

At this point the Biscuit raised up his jewel encrusted hand. “That is all I needed to hear homie. The heels confirm it. As I said I always reward my faithful friends.” Wordlessly the Biscuit slid a fat manilla envelope across the table. “Now if you will excuse me I have a little laundry I need to clean.”

The next day the Biscuit shows up at the Ritz as usual at the usual time to pick up his dame. The extra long black limo cruises right up. Soon Jenna comes down looking seductive as ever in a red low cut gown, red Gucci handbag, and her trademark ruby red high heels.

The door opens and she steps in. The limo starts moving. The interior of the car is dimly lit. There is a freshly opened bottle of Cristal sitting on ice. There is a glass already poured. The Biscuit smiles like a fat cat and purrs, “Drink up my dear. We are in for good times tonight.”

Jenna winks coquettishly and curls up on the Biscuits arm as she sips the Cristal. “Oooh something special? Do you have another surprise present for little ole me?”

The Biscuit beams at her, “Oh it’s the best present yet baby. But first I want to ask you a few questions. Answer correctly and you might get something very special.”

Jenna titters as she leans over suggestively to better display her ample bosom. “Ooo I love to play games, but can’t you give me the present first?”

The Biscuit wags his finger negatively. “Oh no that would be cheating. And we can’t have that! Okay question number one. If you could pick between having all the money in the world or great no strings attached sex. Which would you choose?”

Jenna tosses her head proudly. “Money of course. Everyone knows that poor people will only drag you down.”

The Biscuit holds up one finger and replies, “Strike one. The real answer is you would choose both. Question number two. What do you think of Mexican immigrants in general?”

Jenna snorted. “That’s an easy one. Mexicans are dirty, poor, and breed like weasels. They are one of the biggest reasons why our welfare system is screwed up and I wish there was a law to drive every one of them outside our state borders!”

Biscuit holds up two fingers, “Strike two. Is that any way to talk about your own lover?”

At this point Jenna’s face goes a little pale and her palms get sweaty. She backs away a bit and says, “Ummm I don’t know what you mean by that. Uh, I don’t know who you’ve been talking to but you know me...” She flutters her eyelashes in vain, “I wouldn’t involve myself with someone below my station!”

Biscuit continues blandly as if she never said a word, “Question number three. Do you know what the difference is between a cheater and a whore?”

Jenna’s eyebrows are all knit up in confusion by this question, “N-no… what are you getting at here?”

Biscuit holds up his third finger, “Strike three. The difference is that a whore gets paid at the end of the night. Oh and by the way the drugs in your drink should be kicking in just about now.”

And then the world got just a little dizzy and fuzzy for Jenna. And right about then she realized that she was getting banged in the ass and jizzed in the face. As the Biscuit dumped the used rubber on her forehead he looked down and said, “I would like to say something rather clever and pithy at this point but I think this will get the point across better.” And with that he booted her half naked, disheveled body into a nearby ditch.

She landed rather awkwardly on her face and realized with some trepidation that the warm trickling feeling coming down her leg meant that she had just urinated on herself. As she heard the limo speeding off she also realized that she had no idea where the hell she had been dumped off. And the last thing she realized before she started bawling like a baby into her used condom was that she had no shoes on and her cell phone was quite certainly missing.

As the Biscuit relaxed in the back seat of his plush limo he casually remarked to his chauffeur. “You know these high heels. I think they’ve just become my favorite new decoration. I think they will prove highly educational.”
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Waking up is hard to do [Dec. 2nd, 2005|11:26 am]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Sometimes when you wake up it hurts to be alive. This is how I feel today. Ugh. Mr. Sandman was not kind. Did someone get the license number of that truck?

Hey want to know what's the most annoying thing on earth. Well at least in the top 10 anyways. When someone plays 20 questions with you just as you are waking up but you really actually want to be sleeping.

They keeping asking you trivial questions, one after the other. As if you actually cared about answering. When the only thing you wish for at that point is that they would disappear from the world forever and leave you to blissful silence!! That's something I really hate. But apparently parents can't understand that.

Let me illustrate:
Here is me. Here is the bed. Here is me inside the bed. ERGO I am sleeping or at least I was trying to. Oh here comes that annoying someone now.

Q: Do you want tea and crumpets?
A: Here is me inside the bed.
Q: Would you like lemon with your tea?
A: Sleeping -here- !!
Q: Would you like two lumps of sugar or two?
A: [primal growl] don't care!!
Q: I say should I bring the tea set up or would you like to go downstairs to drink it?
A: [pulls trigger on shotgun] Smith&Wesson when all you want is a little shut the f*ck up! [rolls over and goes back to sleep]

I need to get out of here. Going crazy... and in the most irritating fashion too.

Sigh. Sometimes life is like a llama. It spits on you and makes unpleasant faces. I believe it stepped on my back while I was sleeping too. Ugggh.

I need a new hobby. Not collecting because that costs money. And not gaming because that costs money or time. Yes a hobby that takes almost no time whatsoever and costs almost no money whatsoever. Wonder what that could be. But it should be moderately fun. Hobbies are supposed to be fun right?

You know it really is a lot easier to pull that comforter up and not face the world after all. Perhaps getting up was my first mistake. Yes my dear watson it all becomes elementary now... Aaah I lack a pipe for the full effect. This is the point where I would puff on it and a perfect ringlet of smoke would appear. Except that I don't smoke. Unless I have been rubbing two sticks together at an inordinately fast rate.

You know what would be amusing right now is a monkey. No make that two monkeys! Because a monkey is mother nature's clown. I would even settle for an orangutan. But I don't have the energy to go to the zoo. I'm not even sure West Virginia has a zoo. Ok who are we kidding. This is the great outdoors. All I have to do is step outside. Except it is snowing here. Looks a half foot deep.

Nature is kind of wintry and frosty right now. Not a very kind mistress is she. That's it. I need to get a mistress! Oh wait isn't that something you get after you have a wife and you've become tired of her familiar charms? Hmm that could be problematic. I need to get a wife first that I've become tired of. But I don't want to pay for a ring. Well at least not an 18k engagement ring. That's what one of my friends shelled out for his fiancee. That's because she wanted a 'Tiffany' diamond.

I don't know about you fellows but that's just a little bit unreasonably rich. But perhaps that depends on the social strata that your intended pretends to be affiliated with. Well he got the girl but good luck to him. She has expensive habits. Now don't get me wrong. I believe it's good to pamper a girl now and then to maintain good relations. But my notion of pampering is more being considerate, kind, and a nice guy. Although the monetary issue can never be entirely avoided. Still what happened to the principle that it is the thought that counts?

It seems in the end it is all about the benjamins these days. You need to make some, and make some fast. That is the social imperative. And then you must spend it at an equally fast rate as you amass it or rather you should expend it at a greater rate than you collect your paycheck. Thus the concept of credit. The great machine that makes this country's economy go! Yes line up now and overload that credit card. You can pay interest. It's good for the economy gosh darnit! So says Greenspan... or he did until he retired. Can't believe he's not dead yet. How old is the old coot? Humm.

Today's breakfast is a bowl of soup brought to you by the letter C and Donovan McNabb's chunky soup. Damn you Donovan. You had to go down and cost me the dregs of my fantasy football season didn't you? He was scoring so well too for a second round pick. Serves me right for drafting him. And to all those who drafted TO, well you know how that turned out. They had an arbitration hearing about TO (Terell Owens for those not in the know) being a jerk. For calling out his teammates and making an ass of himself in the press the team suspended him for 4 games. Good riddance. Can someone explain to me how a person that makes MILLIONS of dollars playing a GAME has a right to complain?

It's not like the Eagles were making TO work hard or anything. They just expected him to do normal human being things like... I dunno earning his paycheck? I'm sick of crybabies and premadonnas that feel 'entitled' because they have more athletic talent than most people on this green earth. They should be grateful they can use those abilities to do things most of us can only dream of like running a 4.4 40 and catching a 75 yard TD pass on national television.

Whatever. I just don't understand the celebrity mentality. Sure celebrities are fun to watch, but mostly when they implode. I think this is the real reason why tabloids sell. Anyways when the world is your oyster, as it is for most celebrities why make life into lemonade when you should be making a cocktail and lapping it up? Or pie. Everybody likes pie. Humm key lime or cherry, what kind of pie person are you? And yes I have actually had key lime pie made by a genuine southern lady. The occasion, the Superbowl. Yes Pats did win it all that year. She was quite upset that her Panthers lost. Poor kitties.

Yes I know the Patriots are not looking so hot this year. In fact they are anything but hot but they are in the playoff hunt. I can't expect much from them with all the injuries this season. But oh well. Anything past the first round will be a bonus. I don't think the media expects much out of them either. The media darling is the Colts. Whom I detest as being a soft team that has always grabbed the highlights. But they have a high octane offense, which always seems to give media pundits a hardon. Well it's true it is easier to get excited about a touchdown than a touchback but that's just because most newbies don't know what a touchback is (It counts for 2 points by the way and possession of the football).

Anyways I need to get back to learning some more japanese I suppose.

Here's a sampler:
Sake suki, onna suki, soshite twins suki (I like liquor, women, and twins!)

Amusing language that japanese. Well later then. Sayonora mina san! (Bye everyone!)
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Some like it HOT! -- Trials of Obiwan [Oct. 27th, 2005|07:10 am]
Welcome to the world of Mustafar, home to well let's see lava and the ghost of Obiwan.

Today's screenshots are brought by yours truly as I explored this new world of mystery and MAG-MA. Enjoy!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Damn the AC broke down again... This is gonna suck!

Those who pre-ordered the Trials of Obiwan expansion received an exclusive skiff.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Brings new meaning to the phrase HOT ROD, doesn't it?

And of course as a final treat, here is your moment of zen!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I was only looking at the arrow... HONEST!

Until next time may the FORCE be WITH YOU!
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SWG - The adventure continues [Oct. 6th, 2005|06:05 pm]
Today's picture and caption say it all.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I like to support the entertainer community. Even non-combatants need encouragement!

I have finally progressed to the rank of Captain. Captain Jinzo has a nice ring to it!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Don't make me pull rank you floppy eared beotch! Know your ROLE!

And hell why not let's have another gratuitous look at some star wars hoochies in action. This time at a foam party!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Suds, soap, and fun. Suds, soap, and fun. You know the one Cantina, for Suds, soap, and fun!

Are you not entertained?!?!

Until next time, may the force be with you!
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Jump to Lightspeed [Sep. 14th, 2005|04:56 pm]
Welcome to another day of Star Wars Galaxy (SWG). Today I need to show off some of my new lootz. So lets begin with a jump to space!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
What would Star Wars be without the spaceships? It just wouldn't be right. This view is from my Bel22 emerging from warp speed.

Speaking of the Bel22. This is my new ride in space. I like to call it my Space Cadillac of Doom !!!.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Others simply call it the Grievous Fighter.

Oh and space is far from boring. Plenty of treasure to be found, fighting to be done, and astonishing views to be seen.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Making a Kessel run for the Border!! Where are my tacos?

The next screenshot is my most precious possession. *strokes it* "My precious..."
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Daddy's new gun! Scratch the finish and you DIE little man!!

I also decided to protect my dome. So I got some cool new black composite armor thanks to the help of a master smith hookup.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Rule #1 - Protect yourself at all times! Rule #2 Look good while doing it!

And finally here is a pic of me relaxing at my own crib. Just enjoying my new found lootz and worldy possessions.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Daddy what you doing? Just chilling at the Holiday Inn...

And ok this really IS the LAST picture. Because a day of SWG isn't complete without a jaunt at the local strip club!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Daddy likes what he sees... Daddy LIKES!

Well that's all the eye candy we can legally cram into one journal entry! Until next time... May the FORCE be with you!
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May the Force be With You: A day in the world of SWG [Sep. 1st, 2005|09:46 pm]
Star Wars Galaxies. I blame my friends for making me play this game. But it has been a blast. Today I have some choice pictures of the SWG experience. It all began this morning on Corellia.

The Empire has just taken control of this planet and today it set out to "shock and awe" the natives. For this purpose, his badness himself, Lord Vader decides to visit the peons.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Some idiot tried to get uppity with the Sith Lord. But Vader wasn't having it.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Vader smacks down the fool with one backhand!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The dimwit should have realized that Vader doesn't do HUGS...

Vader had an escort of no less than a dozen stormtroopers. And these guys are just MASSIVE goons. See for yourself.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
They been eating their Imperial Wheaties!

After making an example of any who dared to oppose him, Vader took off in style in his Imperial Lambda shuttle.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Today's lesson - Don't fuck with Sith Lords. It's very BAD for your health!

Until next time... May the force be with you!
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Sound and Fury: Signifying Nothing [Mar. 13th, 2005|08:39 pm]

I am a d20

Take the quiz at dicepool.com

I put about as much stock in online quizzes as I do in ENRON but that is the theme of this entry. Ultimately it is a nothing more than a footnote in history. If nothing else it signals that I live on. My vacation has been too short. I have to go to see the dentist soon. And I'm not looking forward to classes. I've been putting off making major journal updates which I have been planning. But it seems like I have improved in Procrastination (200).

Actually if you read the title of this entry you're wondering what that has to do with anything. I'll tell you why it's because I was working on my LJ dutifully and of course Netscape CRASHES so I lose my entire journal entry that I was working on previously. Grrrr. Did you ever have that happen? You're working on typing up this witty, semi-interesting little thing and then POOF your program crashes and all your hard earned work goes down the drain? Well that's what happened to me. It pisses me off to no end!! This especially seems to happen when I've been trying to upload images to put into my entry. Sigh. What a bother. Well right never mind that, I'll just leave you with this Ichigo screen shot:

Guns and Babes make Daddy feel all better...
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Spring Break! [Feb. 25th, 2005|04:56 pm]

Are the rumors TRUE... LJ fueled by Satan?

Today spring break begins for me! I feel like I've been cooped up too long in my dungeon. Time to dust the cobwebs and peer at the outside world. It's too bad it is just so damn cold outside these days. 40 degree weather isn't so agreeable to me. Just a few weeks ago it was 60 and feeling like Spring. Hmmm.

I'm not a frequent journal updater, in fact it's been 10 days since my last entry, so I thought I should stir myself to write something if only to prove that I am still alive.

So what is going on in my slice of reality. Downloads. Yes lots of downloads. Mostly of anime and manga. Yeah I've really been meaning to write up a primer for that. Let me gather some motivation before I do. Aah I need to find better forms of nourishment than canned soup and chips... Time to leave the cave to hunt me down a deer or something.

Methinks that too much introspection is probably unhealthy for a person. I have kind of avoided outside contact for a few days now. I don't think this is okay. Because living in a world by yourself is like living in a dream. If nothing gets disturbed, then you have no change. If you don't challenge yourself with the clashing realities of the outside world then you are attempting to remain static. What is stasis but a state of unchanging, perhaps ignorant bliss. But isn't it better to burst the bubble?

Music: For a few days I listened to nothing but Tenacious D. Particulary to Tribute. I don't know why I liked that song so much, perhaps because it is the greatest song in the world. ;) I think I should play my guitar more.

Games: I haven't bought a game in months. A new expansion to Everquest is coming out. I wonder if I should get it. I really don't play Evercrack enough to even justify my monthly bill to tell you the truth. But sentimentality attaches to my characters. Perhaps I'll drop by Target, sometimes they have unexpectedly low prices on games.

Food: I haven't had Sushi in a LONG time. I should probably go and get some soon. Except that mass market sushi such as the kind you find in food courts is just awful. And I know a good restaurant but I'd have to go to downtown DC for that. Driving is such a hassle sometimes.

Sports: It's the off-season of football for goodness sake. There's almost nothing to talk about. My beloved Patriots won the Superbowl... again! Which is awesome. But after all that frenzied post-season action there's just this dead lull before the storm. What to do now?

School: Like I said I'm on break. Yeah the teachers assigned double the homework. Don't they understand it's called 'spring break' and not 'spring work'? Just great. But still I don't have to be IN class which is something. Haha how could I be so naive as to think that I would miss school. Still it is different to commute to school than to live on campus. There is definitely a different feeling.

Random Ichigo Screenshot (Because I can):

Oh that naughty spring breeze feels good doesn't it girls?
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Obligatory Holiday Post [Feb. 14th, 2005|06:11 pm]

Well well Happy Valentines Day everybody!

Please don't jump off any bridges today. Have some chocolates or some cherry garcia ice cream. Kiss a loved one or kiss your dog. Today is a time to be happy, not sad. Turn that frown upside down. And yes it's okay not to like pink.

I think Valentine's day is a time to be grateful for what you have. Hope and optimism wells eternal on this day dedicated to romance and couples. Spring is approaching and love is in the air.

I'm looking forward to a happy and healthy year, free from STDS ;)

Yes that is what I am thankful for as well as for jelly donuts. Yes let's hear it for jelly donuts. Krispy Kreme also makes a nice treat. Why all this reference to food you may ask? Umm because food reminds you that you're alive. You can't bring the flavor of Ben & Jerry's ice cream to the grave.

It's funny how humans are really the only beings that contemplate their feelings and their future. It's bound to make them feel happy or sad or even confused. But it's a precious ability which separates us from beasts. This is why I can sit down and watch a movie and enjoy it and feel emotionally moved. When all I've seen technically are a series of images coupled with sound.

Valentine's day is a day where we should appreciate how great it is to be alive whether we are alone, or together with the one we care about. Because our precious memories can remind us of what it was to be with that person. And we can be thankful for the fun times we spent together with that person in the past. Or if you are lucky to be with your loved one today you can make many more happy memories.

Today is a good day. Please enjoy a safe and happy Valentine's Day everyone.

Parting Thought --
"It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."
Agree or disagree with this statement and why?
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Superbowl XXXIX Hijinks [Feb. 10th, 2005|10:57 pm]
First off let me preface this entry by saying that I had already made this entire entry for the superbowl only to have my browser completely CRASH and lose all my information. Even the stuff that I had copied and pasted to memory was gone!! AAARGH. I HATE computers!!! I am so royally pissed right now. Anyways on with the report...

Yes the Superbowl is now over and the Pats have been crowned the Kings of American Football for the 3rd time in 4 seasons! A great accomplishment which predictably resulted in rioting in Philly... momentary pause in honor of angst-ridden and frustrated Philly fans. Ok that was long enough. Lets get on with the good stuff.

No superbowl is complete however without the new beverage of champions. I also must credit my friend for having the courage to pick up this can at the local gas station convenience store.
Witness this:

Let it loose

This is the actual slogan on the beverage. I kid you not. Are you not entertained??

Now that I think about it, the drinking of the Pimp Juice beverage came before a Pats championship? Does this necessitate that another can of said beverage be purchased and consumed if the Pats make the Superbowl next year? Hmmm.

Of course the day of a superbowl presents much opportunity for smack talk and trash talking. You know... sports talk. On this night it was 1 Eagles fan against about oh 4 other people who wanted the Pats to win. Myself being a staunch Patriots fan and the others being football fans who just wanted to see Philly lose! Hey I'll take what support I can get. The enemy of my enemy is a friend, even if its only for 1 night!

Needless to say emotions ran high that night. The spectators were rather rambunctious. Here's a close up look at the inmates... err I meant spectators in action!

Take that ... and that!

Note that some features have been covered in case the parties involved ever decide to take legal action. ;)

Of course no Superbowl party is complete without food and snacks. We ended up picking up some pizza pies at a local parlor as well as opening up some Yeung Lings as well as various chips. Snack Rule #1: Never order pizza from a popular pizza outlet such as Pizza Hut during a Superbowl, you'll be waiting at least 2 hours. We did the smart thing and did pickup. Now kind reader bear witness to the snack carnage that ensued that fateful night:

Mmmm... cheese

So what's a Superbowl without a half time show right? Well this year the NFL Superbowl Committee went into ultraconservative mode. Their half-time show featured Paul Mccartney singing classic songs such as Drive My Car, Get Back and Live and Let Die, and Hey Jude.
There would be no 'wardrobe malfunctions' tonight. And with the main attraction being McCartney... who honestly would want to see his pasty pale skin? Ok... all you freaks who just raised your hand sit back down. I was talking about normal people!!

At one point during the half time show a giant image of Ray Charles appeared on the jumbotron prompting the following response - So Ray Charles is a lich? That explains a lot... (Don't worry you won't get this comment unless you're a D&D geek).

I'll have to say that Paul McCartney is a very safe entertainment choice. But the half time show was kind of boring and broke no new ground. We ended up switching to the History channel about midway through in hopes of seeing a documentary on the life and times of Adolfe Hitler. (Somebody said our chances were about 50/50 of that being on). Well that about sums up how entertaining we found the half time show. :P

Last but not least we move onto the Superbowl commercials. Now as you know the Superbowl commercial time slot is one of the most coveted in the world for advertisers because of how many people tune in for this event. Sponsors typically pay millions of dollars for the right to show a mere 30 seconds or so of ad footage!

This year a lot of the ads struck me as boring. Or there were some that had interesting ideas but poor execution. What I don't get are the ones that are EXACTLY the SAME as non-superbowl ads. Whats the point of showing the same old ad in the superbowl. You're paying millions for this air time. At least try to do something creative to catch the viewer's attention! Even given my complains here are what I rated as the top 3 funniest ads during Superbowl half-time.

1) Monkeys at work (careerbuilder.com. The funniest part of this 3 commercial series is when the monkeys clown him with the whoopee cushion. You must see it yourself to believe the entertainment value.)

2) Top 10 things a commercial needs (Burt Reynold versus a Dancing Bear. Nuff said! Plus #5, kick to groin is awful funny.)

3) Stripper in front of hearing committee (godaddy.com. especially the part when the old geezer needs the oxygen mask.)

There are probably others that deserve mention but those were the most memorable for me.
You can view the ads yourself here if your bandwidth so permits:

The game was actually pretty competitive for a long stretch of time. But the Pats let the Eagles hang around. So the outcome of the game wasn't assured. After the Patriots won I felt more relieved than anything. When your team finally gets credit for being one of the best and people actually expect them to win it takes a lot of suspense out of it.

My reaction to this victory was subdued in comparison with the first two superbowl wins. I think that the Red Sox WS win was probably more exciting because of the Curse and the Yanks-Sox series. But all in all it was still a very satisfying championship win. It felt like a capstone to the football team's success. Can we say DYNASTY? I'm sure the victory parade in Boston will be quite the spectacle. As the Pats players will stand on top of mobile amphibious landers.

At the end of the night I got a little caught up in the moment and the following phrase left my lips - Yes Yes! Pats win! As expected... Eagles lose! You suck... Here's your banana!!! followed by the banana to face motion. ;)

I am seriously pondering keeping a fresh bunch of bananas handy for when I want to truly mock someone in the most disrespectful manner possible... I have a feeling that 'Here's your banana' will become common parlance in local circles from here on out.

Ah well football fans, and even those who aren't, I hope you enjoyed this day's entry. Hopefully I will be posting another one same time next year when the Pats are attempting to win 4 out of 5. More action packed entries are in the pipeline though so please look forward to them! I've got lots of ideas in the works (including stories) but not so much time to write! Until next time... may your juice be Pimp and may you never have the misfortune of being clowned with a banana! :)
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